Image of Estelle


Estelle is a zine style underground comic book made in Teesside and drawn by artist AJ Garrett, and co-written by AJ and the artist Alyson Agar. The comic is about an elderly newspaper cartoonist named Estelle who lives in a big apartment building populated by cliches and has drawn a daily comic strip every day for 75 years for a big newspaper that doesn't appreciate her. Estelle's life is then altered when someone gives her a toy computer that turns out to be haunted by an overbearing ancient spirit.

Drawing from inspirations ranging from Chester Gould to Madeline Kahn, we came up with the story in the coffee shop of Borders (RIP) and AJ illustrated it with pen and ink and put it all together using no computers, just cutting, pasting and photocopying.

A5 size, 36 black and white pages plus card cover (colour may vary, if you desperately want a particular colour just ask)